Museo Correr

Museo Correr is housed in a Napoleon wing of St. Mark’s Square. Collected here a collection of valuable coins, antique books, regalia and weapons. Added to this impressive collection of paintings, which certainly will interest enthusiasts of Venice. In addition, worth to pay attention to the exhibition of Venetian art and Venetian painting from the thirteenth century until about 1500. Interestingly, not all exhibited works are made by the Venetians.

Santa Maria della Salute

In St. Maria church are extremely valuable paintings. The most important of these is the altarpiece, made by Titian. He showed St. Mark sitting on the throne. He is accompanied by St. Cosmas, Damian, Sebastian and Roch. Also extremely valuable are works of the painter Jacopo Tintoretto (eg. “Marriage at Cana”), which was transferred from the church of Santo Sprito.

Guggenheim Museum

Palazzo Venier dei Leoni is a place where located private Peggy Guggenheim Museum. She was an American collector, which lived in Venice over 30 years.
Her collection consists the unusual and unique works of contemporary artists. Particular attention should be paid to “Bird in Space” and “Teacher” by Brancusi, “Red tower” and “Nostalgia of poet” by de Chirico, “Dressing the Bride” by Max Ernst, Laurens and Lipchitza sculptures, paintings of Malevich and interesting collages of Schwitters.