Taxi – gondolas in Venice

Gondola taxi

Gondolas in Venice In Venice, the role of traditional taxis serve gondolas. They are considered to be one of the oldest means of communication in the waters of the lagoon, as they were used since the seventh century. To this day, they are associated with singing gondoliers, romanticism and sunset. Unfortunately, although this is a nice trip, but this is not the cheapest.
Gondolas are slender, shapely boats which, although they seem delicate and tipping, are characterized by high stability. They are all painted black. They also have the same dimensions (length 11 m, width 1.75 m). On board can fit 6 people at one time.

Tram, bus and water taxi in Venice

Rail and water trams

There are some tram lines, moving only on the land part of Venice.
On the rest of the area moving water trams, which consists of motoscafo (boats), vaporetto (water bus) and water ferries carrying vehicles.
Water tram is very convenient way to travel and much cheaper than the gondola. Tourists can buy tickets at promotional prices. During peak hours, water trams run every few minutes. Trams run every day from 6.00 to 21.00, and the No. 1 line till midnight.

In Venice trams run on a few designated routes, which together has about 20 stops. Depending on the time of day and the selected route, water trams run every dozen or even every few minutes. The disadvantage of this means of communication is that at peak times trams are often very crowded and it is necessary to wait for your turn often in a long line. In the summer, when the city is visited by many tourists, for unloading blockages additional lines are activated. In the designated points you can buy a ticket and a map of routes and important places. The ticket must be validate at the dock before boarding the ship.


Venice is on the water, and therefore there is not too well developed land communication. Buses run between the Venice Lagoon and Mestre and Marghera. All bus lines converge at the Piazzale Roma.

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