Pubs, cafes and nightclubs in Venice

Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants

Italy is famous from its cuisine. It is not surprising that the passion for Mediterranean cuisine is reflected in the amount of bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Antica Trattoria Poste Vecie, San Polo 1608
It is a nice and elegant restaurant. Its menu consists mainly fish and seafood and dishes with rice and cornmeal.

La Caravella, Via XXII Marzo
It is relatively expensive, but at the same time sophisticated and elegant restaurant. Its menu is dominated by typical Italian cuisine.

Taverna La Fenice, San Marco 1938
This is one of the most elegant and quite expensive restaurants. There’s a nice and friendly atmosphere. Guests can enjoy an exceptionally tasty dishes from the repertoire of Italian cuisine.

Madonna, Calle della Madonna 594
The specialty of this restaurant are fish. Especially recommended are delicious cod fillets.


In Venice, people spend a lot of time in cafes, most of which are located in Piazza San Marco. In the local cafes most popular is espresso or coffee brewed in the coffee machine. It is traditionally drunk standing at the bar.

In addition, the Venetian cafes are served sweets. Resounds everywhere discreet, relaxing music.

Night Clubs

The vast majority of clubs in Venice is located on the Strada Nuova, a short distance from Santa Lucia Station. The most famous clubs are Club 22, located on Lido and FZ Di Foschini located in Venice itself.