Venice – City to Stay

Venice is very popular among travelers visiting Italy. Worldwide fame gave it primarily the number of channels, on which floated leisurely gondolas and lack of typical roads…

Also can’t be forgotten unparalleled architecture, which consists primarily elegant palaces and ancient temples. One of the most famous is St Mark’s Basilica.

With Venice also are associated the gondoliers, romantic sunsets and carnival, during which the necessary props are Venetian masks. In addition, the city is regarded as an opera capital of Europe. Suffice it to say that for a time lived here Antonio Vivaldi, and in the twentieth century, staged here Igor Stravinsky’s only opera, entitled “The Life of Lecher”.

Venice is a very popular destination for visitors looking for beautiful views, music, break from everyday life. It’s the perfect place for all those who want an unforgettable experience surrounded by unusual tourist attractions. Really is worth to get a trip to the city, despite the fact that in the history of modern Italy, Venice no longer plays such a big role as before.